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IKYA Aligned Space Clearing -

using alive and aligned crystals

IKYA Aligned Space Clearing is about resetting rooms and areas and create a greater degree of synchronicity with nature in a specific area.


As with humans, everything is receptive to influences, programming and development of destructive patterns. This also counts for rooms, buildings and other physical areas (Space). Our way of presence, all our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, how we deal with our processes are broadcasted into the environment and stored as active memories in that specific place.


So, during the course of time a large amount of built up energy is being created and thus stored in the area, which effects the space itself and people being there, in different ways.


Collectively we have an awareness and understanding of physical hygiene. We clean and take care of our surroundings. And just as it can be messy and dirty on the physical level, the same goes for the energetic level.


As in the physical, if you don’t clean up for a long time, eventually imbalances and damages start to occur. Similarly, the same thing happens energetically.


Typical signs of imbalances

Typical signs of imbalances in an area might be; high level of conflict between the people living there, stress, tiredness, difficulties in focusing, difficulties in getting things accomplished, insomnia, increased disease rates and difficulties in making changes to support your growth, to mention a few.


So how do we take care of issues on an energetic level?


In IKYA Space Clearing we have the ability to map and work with an area in a very holistic and precise way. In IKYA Space Clearing we have the ability to map and work with an area in a very holistic and precise way. We work with the total ecosystem facilitating deep healing and growth for the whole area. Typically after a Space Clearing, you will experience the area as a place you get uplifted from, supporting and nourishing you. 

When do we recommend Space Clearing?

Optimally IKYA Aligned Space Clearing is something everyone should do regularly as a part of taking care of their environment and themselves. There are certain conditions though, when IKYA Aligned Space Clearing is more essential:

  • When moving to a new surrounding. Having reset the space and cleared the energetic waste and programs, left  from the people who lived there earlier. Get the space adjusted to you and visa versa.


  • When there are many conflicts and imbalances within a family constellation.


  • When you are frequently ill or have developed a chronic disease.


  • When you often get tired, get headaches or have difficulties with concentration in your home or in an area.


  • When you would like to work more effectively with your growth, and to integrate positive changes.


  • Where different kinds of Therapy is being offered. During a Therapy session, people are releasing a lot of energies, and this kind of build-up will also effect other patients as well as the people working there.

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