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IKYA Doula


As an IKYA Doula™ I offer an expanded doula service, that is completely unique in

the world. I meet you in all the close processes in your life from both a medical and spiritual perspective, assisting you in deep healing and growth through all the processes and phases in your life. 

Couples - Families -  Fertility -  Sexuality - Pregnancy - Birth - Post-partum - Menopause for both men and women -  All phases of life for men and women - Career  - Leadership


Before conception

  • Optimize conditions for the new life to come

  • Couples therapy - harmonize and polarize the couple

  • Work through genetic history, patterns and programming’s

  • Fertility and inability to conceive

  • Sexual therapy, blockages and traumas

  • Detox and nutrition


During pregnancy and birthing

  • Facilitate the child's incarnation process

  • Strengthen contact with the child

  • Working through processes connected to being pregnant

  • Preparation for the birthing process and the role of being parent 

  • Support the parents and couple as a team


Post-partum and through all phases of the child's life through adulthood

  • Coaching and increased awareness for parents in their roles

  • How to facilitate the different phases of your child's life

  • Coaching in how to create a familial culture that based on healing and growth

The different phases of life

  • Increase awareness and tune you into the potentials of each phase of life

  • Female and male consciousness 

  • Sexuality

  • Menstrual cycle

  • Menopause for both men and women


I'd like to share with you the beautiful experience we had with Marie, our IKYA Doula. She assisted in the pregnancy process and also in the birth of my son Björn.

Personally, I had a complex, high-risk pregnancy. My health condition was not optimal and the pain due to the death of my mother did not improve things, of course I was flooded in Deep sadness, added to past traumatic situations. But Marie came into our life. A gift from a wonderful being that accompanies me in this life. Marie as IKYA Doula assisted me not only in the process of physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.

She guided me towards the balance between these 3 parts of me and consequently to deep healing.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what really happened during this process. I think the most prudent thing would be to say that it led me to understand the perfection of our being and to connect completely with this beautiful soul that was on his way. It led me to embrace life, light and darkness, to feel and vibrate in love to prepare myself for this change, this new stage and not only me, but also our baby.

The assistance work of the Doula is as fine as a clockmaker, delicate, meticulous and perfect, helping each piece fit in its place so it synchronizes and works in order. Harmonizes the process of incarnation guiding him to connect with his physical body and purpose in this extraordinary life, through the sacred act of birth. She prepared us to give our baby a warm welcome full of love and sweetness. This journey strengthens us and leads us to the understanding that giving birth is more than a biological process, it is a strong spiritual bond between souls that decide to walk together in a life to assist each other, to value the high level of consciousness brought by the new generations and continue learning in order to evolve together. The collective work it is the most beautiful act of love. My gratitude is infinite for this love, for our guidance and for being witnesses of the magic that Björn brought to the world.

- Vichy Otto  - Brasil

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