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IKYA Therapy - works deeply within your matrix, assisting you in your next step of your evolution, healing and growth. 


  • Awaken to your true essence.
  • Aligning you to your highest potentials.
  • Connect to the bigger pictures and understand your true purpose.
  • Learn how to transcend your consciousness, from the one creating the blockages to the one healing and dissolving them.  
  • Enhance the intelligence to heal yourself.
  • Learn techniques in how to dissolve you blockages by first connecting to your signature and then heal and dissolve from there. 
  • Enhance your ability to listen, communicate and  navigate in life
  • Receive clearer perspectives in your life
  • Live your life more fully


Ancient wisdom

IKYA is based on ancient wisdom and knowledge on the coherence between consciousness, manifestation, vibration/frequency and health. It is a highly advanced and modern kind of Vibrational Medicine. 


The fundamental approach in IKYA is that you are defined as Atma (soul) - as being your true nature - and that your body and your life is a consequence of your consciousness. In the state of Atma you are in a state of absolute potentials, absolute creation and absolute balance. The more your consciousness is aligned to your true nature as Atma, the more your life will be an expression of your true potentials. 


Alignment to our true Nature

Our default as humans is to be aligned and have identity to our DNA consciousness, patterns and programs for our bio survival. We have developed an identity of a very limited version of our real selves, which is not aligned to what we truly are. In this state we are slaves and bound to this limited version of ourselves, and we are actually blocking ourselves from connecting to our true purpose and potentials.


IKYA is a method that works in a profound and holistic way, to assist you in the process of aligning yourself to who you truly are. In this process in a very natural way, true healing, growth and greater self-awareness comes as a consequence, 


Map of consciousness 

In the method of IKYA, we have created a "Map" of the Consciousness, which consists of a total system of the energetic anatomy. We work systematically through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anatomies and with the connections to your life as well. This allows us to work with you in a very holistic and precise manner. Some of the energetic systems we are dealing with are the Chakras, Auras and Meridians as well as your whole body including skeletal, muscles, organs and internal bodily functions as the nervous system, hormonal system, glandular system etc. During a session we are able to detect and identify blockages and assist that part of your consciousness to be more aligned to your natural essence. Through this we are able to work inside the origin of your imbalances. An initiation of enhanced energetic flow and a true healing process are then provided.


Who will benefit from a treatment in IKYA?

IKYA is working directly with the source where everything created. Through IKYA you can work with any condition.


Among suitable issues for IKYA are:

Strengthening your spiritual growth. Ability to listen to what is right for you. Independency. Existential crises and confusion. Lack of contact with your source. Stress,  Concentration difficulties. Fatigue. Anxiety. Destructive patterns. Conflicts in relationships. Different kind of addictions.

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