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Liberate your true self!

- be a part of the change, be a part of the future...


Welcome dear!

Hi I'm Marie and I'm so glad you are here!

I'm an international IKYA Therapist, Doula, Tantra Teacher, IKYA workshop facilitator, Mother, working with the IKYA educations and have assisted others in deep healing and awakening processes for over 20 years. 


Coming into this life already in the process of awakening. I've always had this strong inner urge in going deeper into why we are here, what life is about and what's the deepest purpose of all existence. This quest of going deeper has taken me into the study of the mechanics of existence, but also into groundbreaking work on how to heal and free myself from heavy issues, patterns and traumas. Through working in my own life, being a therapist and facilitating courses for decades, has given me deep understanding, insight and expertise in the transformational stages of deep healing and growth in most areas in life.

Areas of speciality

Individual growth work, Relationship, Family-issues, Sexuality, Freeing women and men, Fertility, Pregnancy and birth, Menopause, Carrier and leadership development. 

​With deep love and passion to all life, I offer various techniques and expertises from the IKYA platform, aligned to the shift of consciousness we are in today. Assisting people and the planet in releasing the old, healing, redefining and incarnating the new.

With Love & Devotion,


Here is how I can assist you!

Naked Truth Talks

Marie is a fantastic, dedicated, sincere teacher and coach. She teaches and leads from a deep source of love, knowledge and great wisdom!
- Love Susanne Lefwerström - Norway


Silja  Åsgjerd Hage

Marie Minagawa is an excellent Lifecoach. She has helped me through what felt like the end of my life. She is someone who helped me to see light, where I didn't and inspired me to see past my limitations. To see there's always a way. Even if you never thought it was. Open yourself to life and go and see her. 


Andreas Bjerve

Marie has an incredibly sharp focus in her treatments. She goes right into the heart of the problem. You quickly start to feel the flow into the most forgotten and dusty parts of your consciousness. Should be experienced!


 Anette Myrvang Rennesund

Marie is a wonderful IKYA practitioner, with long experience with whom I had many sessions. She has a comfortable calm and is super-steady and accurate in her work. The words she says really hit the points and make me see things from other perspectives, in addition to what happens purely energetically in my system.

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