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About Marie Minagawa

My specialty is to assist others in deep healing, and growth and to master the broad multifaceted processes we all go through in our lives.

Through the work in my own life, being a therapist and facilitating courses for over 20 years, have given me deep understanding, insight and expertise on how you can study, grow and master your life in alignment with your true self, path and potential.

Individual growth work, Relationship and family issues, Sexuality, Freeing the female and masculine consciousness, Fertility, Pregnancy and birth, Menopause, Carrier and leadership development.

I have always had this strong inner drive to go deeper into the large existential questions, of why we are here, what life is about and what's the deepest purpose of all existence. This lifelong quest of going deeper, has taken me into the study of the mechanics of life and existence, but also into groundbreaking work on how to heal and free ourselves from heavy issues, the learned versions of ourselves, patterns and traumas, and into our true potential and authentic selves.

With deep love and passion for all life, I offer therapies and workshops all over the world. Aligned to a world in great and unpredictable changes, assisting people and the planet in releasing the old and how to innovate and leading the changes into the new.

IKYA practitioner with specialization in IKYA treatments, bodywork, de-armoring, Doula, Tantra and has studied for more than 20 years with IKYA. School Teacher with specialization in arts and crafts, instructor of IntenSati, New York, USA.

For an appointment or more information please send me a PM.

More about IKYA 

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