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A shoutout to Marie Minagawa!
Marie is in short a good spiritual role model!
Real inner work is hard work, giving her an expertise in serving her surroundings really well.

That's why I want to say thank you Marie!! You're Totally awesome!

Check out her page if you are interested in learning from someone who has done and is doing the job for real

- Elisabeth Relander - Norway


Marie has an incredibly sharp focus in her treatments.
She goes right into the heart of the problem. You quickly start to feel the flow into the most forgotten and dusty parts of your consciousness.
Should be experienced!

- Andreas Bjerve - Norway


Marie is a wonderful IKYA practitioner, with long experience with whom I had many sessions. She has a comfortable calm and is super-steady and accurate in her work. I can feel the effect from the treatment both while she is working and long after. The words she says really hit the points and make me see things from other perspectives, in addition to what happens purely energetically in my system.
We have also received Space Clearing by Marie. The effect was striking! When we got home, we really felt the home was much "clearer", and the space was much more open for the whole family. Really recommend Marie warmly!

- Anette Myrvang Rennesund  - Nurse/ Midwife Norway


Marie is an experienced therapist. During her treatment, I came in contact with landscapes within myself I previously never had been aware of. A true journey into the depths.

Incredibly exciting!

- Kjell Bryngell - Norway


THE BEST of the best! I'd recommend working with Marie to anyone 🙌

- Hanna Erlandsson


My first meeting with Marie was while I was educating to become a Doula, I was so amazed by her teaching, present and her whole way of teaching us . I started taking private lessons at IKYA Academy with Marie, and some amazing indescribable things happened. The way she works , teaches and tunes In and just do her things, it's just amazing, I had like most of us, some "old stuff" being very painful and not making me be the one I wanted to be. After being in Maries care, I can truly say that this is all gone. She helped me starting my new adventure in life and I am so extremely grateful for her treatments. Thank you!

- Vivian Rosell Kolstad


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marie through guided meditations and a seminar on Mantras. She has a unique presence and a calm, gentle and loving personality.


She radiates positive energy and she shares her wisdom and insight, helping those around her to reach for their higher potential and to grow into truer versions of themselves. I’m truly grateful for this chance to expand. 

- Love Hilde


Already before I came to my first appointment with Marie, she had tuned into me/my personality/my patterns. She described pretty much my struggles when we first met. She helps through energetic support, by conversation, with gentle massage and also by guiding me to a healthier diet. She has also space-cleared my apartment. All this to help me tune in more to myself and let go of negative patterns I have received, to deal with childhood and life struggle in general. Marie has made me more aware in my daily actions and taught me to accept love for myself, even the parts of me that I might find negative and earlier disliked within myself. It has definitely been a positive experience I will bring with me further, as a tool, to continue my work to be the best version of me. 

- Hanne Cecilie Rekkedal


Marie Minagawa is an excellent Lifecoach. She has helped me through what felt like the end of my life. She is someone who helped me to see light, where I didn't and inspired me to see past my limitations. To see there's always a way. Even if you never thought it was. Open yourself to life and see her <3 

- Silja  Åsgjerd Hage


Marie is a really good teacher and therapist. I'm really happy about her treatments. She is by far the best coach I have experienced!

- Grethe Elisabeth Grøndahl


To whom it may concern: My warmest recommendations for Marie Minagawa, a wonderful therapist. I have had the pleasure to work with her as a colleague and enjoyed her skills and profound wisdom as a client. Marie Minagawa is to the point with warmth and strength.
- Kind regards Vibeke LA. Maltun


I'd like to share with you the beautiful experience we had with Marie, our IKYA Doula. She assisted in the pregnancy process and also in the birth of my son Björn.

Personally, I had a complex, high-risk pregnancy. My health condition was not optimal and the pain due to the death of my mother did not improve things, of course I was flooded in Deep sadness, added to past traumatic situations. But Marie came into our life. A gift from a wonderful being that accompanies me in this life. Marie as IKYA Doula assisted me not only in the process of physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. She guided me towards the balance between these 3 parts of me and consequently to deep healing.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what really happened during this process. I think the most prudent thing would be to say that it led me to understand the perfection of our being and to connect completely with this beautiful soul that was on his way. It led me to embrace life, light and darkness, to feel and vibrate in love to prepare myself for this change, this new stage and not only me, but also our baby.

The assistance work of the Doula is as fine as a clockmaker, delicate, meticulous and perfect, helping each piece fit in its place so it synchronizes and works in order. Harmonizes the process of incarnation guiding him to connect with his physical body and purpose in this extraordinary life, through the sacred act of birth. She prepared us to give our baby a warm welcome full of love and sweetness. This journey strengthens us and leads us to the understanding that giving birth is more than a biological process, it is a strong spiritual bond between souls that decide to walk together in a life to assist each other, to value the high level of consciousness brought by the new generations and continue learning in order to evolve together. The collective work it is the most beautiful act of love. My gratitude is infinite for this love, for our guidance and for being witnesses of the magic that Björn brought to the world.

- Vichy Otto  - Brasil

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